I think you will agree that adult colouring is so cool,   Being a busy artist as well as a full time mum I have always  found that helping my children colour was very enjoyable and therapeutic, especially on stressful days.

My Mandala series are the first books I created when I started to publish my art work.  I have been developing different themes for colouring books for a very long time and these eventually will include seasonal and holiday colouring books or anything else that I think you will love.

I have recently created a series of lovely pattern colouring books which include pocket or travel editions.  For these handy little travel books I have carefully selected some mandalas and patterns from my best selling full size colouring book series. This is so you can enjoy colouring anywhere and any time and also try out your colour mixes before you move on to the full sized patterns.

Colouring has been one of the best ways I know to relax and have some lovely ME time.   The good thing about engaging my kids in art and colouring is that it got them interested more in other subjects such as natural history and the wider world.  This led to me creating some more unique and special patterns that they couldn’t find anywhere else.  Who knew this would develop into a passion for me and a creative outlet for my kids.

All my colouring books are available on Amazon

Please email me if there is a theme that interests you but finding it difficult to obtain.  I will see if this is something I can look into developing and publishing.

 I hope you enjoy some of the FREE stuff here as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  Check back here from time to time to get the latest news on my new book releases, usually at launch prices, or sign up for the free colouring book and I can email you when the next book is due or when I release some more freebies.

I would also be thrilled if you want to send copies of your finished Mandala or Pattern pages.  I will be very happy to put them in the Gallery for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by.

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Thanks again and happy colouring