Hints & Tips

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Tips for Beginners

When you first start to colour, you will be tempted to buy a great big packet of colouring media.  Before you do that, try to think about what your favourite colours are or which colours you really dislike.  This is  because you will end up using your favourite’s way more than the others and should consider getting extra.

Try going to the art store in your area and have a look at what pencils or pens feel comfortable in your hands.  By playing with them you get the feel of comfort or pleasure in holding them.  This will then translate into your work for better colouring.  You wouldn’t  use a chipped pencil that you found in the back of the drawer, you want some lovely new colourful one’s to inspire you.

Shopping for pencils is really addictive and pleasureable.  You will be able to buy individual pencils and build up your collection.  Over time this will avoid having too many expensive mistakes.  Although that will happen also but at least this way you are minimising the risk.

Once you have decided which pens or pencils you are most comfortable with, buy the biggest number of them you can afford.   Amazon are usually very competitive and convenient and you can see a selection in the side bar to the right of this post.

You will also find that buying in bulk is always cheaper than buying smaller amounts.  In the long run it will end up being much cheaper.  However,  if it suits you better, start out with a smaller box of 12 or 24 and then add some extra singles of your favourite colours later.

Happy Colouring