Having discovered some of the benefits of Adult colouring, it’s time to get colouring! Grab a colouring book and some coloured pencils to get started. Keep in mind that just because the designs are already laid out for you doesn’t mean your creativity can’t shine. Here are 8 unique colouring techniques that anyone can do.

  1. The stained glass look

Tracing the outer lines thickly with your coloured pencil and then filling it in with a lighter shade will give you a stained glass look.

  1. Gradient

Use a few different coloured pencil shades to produce a gradient.

  1. Use your pencil shavings!

Save your pencil shavings because you can actually use that powdery pencil dust to colour.  Dump some out where you want your colour to go and gently blend it in with your finger.  This will give you a light and very soft look.

  1. Add some texture

You can place any flat item with texture under your paper and transfer the texture by gently colouring over top. Get creative and find some interesting leaves.

  1. Shading

You can easily achieve shading with one coloured pencil. It’s called the pressure method. Simply apply more pressure and layers where you want the colour to be darker and less pressure in areas you want lighter. When doing this method, we recommend colouring in a circular pattern so the shades blend well together and it looks seamless.

  1. Use a colourless blender

A colourless blender is essentially a coloured pencil without the colour and is used to blend. When colouring with pencil, you’ll typically notice some of the white from the paper peeking through. A colourless blender can smooth everything out for a nice clean look and intensify the colour. Using the small circle technique mentioned under shading, start with the lighter areas and work your way in the darker.

  1. Play around with watercolour pencil

Watercolour pencils seem to work like magic and are so much fun to play with. They’re similar to regular coloured pencils but when water is added, they transform into watercolours.

  1. Get creative and use other supplies

You don’t necessarily have to use coloured pencils when working in your colouring book although many people prefer it. You can also use markers (that won’t bleed through), crayons, glitter, you name it! Try some different things out and have fun with it.


You may not need professional artistic stills to enjoy adult colouring books but that doesn’t mean you always have to stay within the lines. Add your flair and dare to do something a little different! Try out these 8 unique colouring ideas and have fun with it.

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