If you suffer from insomnia then you will understand how difficult it can be for you to sleep at night and you will also understand that sometimes you find it hard to relax as well. Colouring books can really help you with this and they can also help you to be at ease with your thoughts.  The main reason for this is because colouring helps to occupy the brain, helping you to relieve stress while also providing you with therapeutic stimulation. Of course, when you use colouring books for the first time, you will quickly find that they can help you to unwind, let go of any negative thoughts and lots of other good stuff too.

This is ideal if you find yourself awake at night worrying about the everyday stresses and strains.  Many people just switch on their TV or their mobile phones thinking this will distract them.  Problem with that is that by watching TV or mobile phone at night you are engaging the wrong part of your brain and it also doesn’t stimulate you enough to make you feel tired either.  Colouring on the other hand although thought-provoking is also very relaxing, so you can sleep easier than ever before as you begin to reap some of the many health benefits that a good night’s sleep will bring you.

There been various studies done on insomniacs and how colouring at night can help them to unwind.  These studies have shown very positive results, so if this seems a possible solution for you and if you think this will help you and you want some inspiration to help you get started then take a look at the variety of colouring books on offer at our online store. We would love to show you the various colouring books that we have available.  We would also love to hear from you, and for you to tell us how our colouring books have helped you cope with your sleepless nights.

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