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Adult colouring is very popular and is also recognised as a great tool to reduce stress and develop an active mind. But many of the patterns in colouring books currently available have too thin lines and intricate shapes not suitable for older people. They quickly become frustrated and lose interest, which is a great shame.

Health professionals have long recommend the use of colouring books for older people to help them deal with everyday stress. They will also find a hobby they can enjoy and so keep their mind working and alert.

The UK Alzheimer’s Society has recognised that the use of bright colours can play an important role in managing Dementia. They note that working with a varied colour palette helps in keeping the mind active and can even slow memory loss and mental confusion.

Health benefits aside, colouring has always been about letting your imagination spill out onto a page and creating something special and unique. These large pattern books will make this so easy for every level of colouring.

adult colouring

Seniors Colouring Book One

adult colouring

Seniors Colouring Book Two

adult colouring

Easy Adult Colouring Book