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Hints & Tips

Tips for Beginners

When you first start to colour, you will be tempted to buy a great big packet of colouring pens or pencils.  Before you do that, try to think about what your favourite colours are or which colours you really dislike.  This is  because you will end up using your favourite’s way more than the others and should consider getting extra of those.

Try going to the art store in your area and have a look at what feels comfortable in your hands.  By playing with them you’ll get to feel whether the brand is for you and if there is comfort or pleasure in holding them.  This will then flow into your work to inspire your colouring.  You wouldn’t use a chipped pencil that you found in the back of the drawer, you want some lovely new colourful ones to inspire you.

Shopping for pencils is really addictive and pleasurable.  You will be able to buy individual pencils and build up your collection.  Over time this will avoid having too many expensive mistakes.  Although that will happen, but at least this way you are minimizing the risk.

Once you have decided which pens or pencils you are most comfortable with, buy the biggest number of them you can afford.   In the long run it will end up being much cheaper.  However,  if it suits you better, start out with a smaller box of 12 or 24 and then add some extra singles of your favourite colours later.  Plus you can never have too many pencils, that’s a rule!

Tips for Newbies to Adult Colouring Books

It’s a good idea to test your markers or gel pens on a page in the back of the book or use the cover page.  This is check for ink bleed or show through, particularly if the book has patterns printed on every page.  If you have bought a book like that, you could try slipping a piece of paper behind each pattern page to protect the pages behind from marking or bleed through issues.

Sharpen your pencil more than you think you need to.  This sounds obvious but you can quickly become so engrossed in your colouring that you hard notice you are pressing harder.

Take your time, you probably aren’t selling your pages, well not yet anyway. Enjoy yourself and you will be much more satisfied with your progress.

Buy books one at a time so you can see which type of patterns you most like to colour.  You will be surprised how easy it is to pick up every colouring book you see.  Don’t waste your money yet, find out what rocks your boat or you will end up with a bunch of books you won’t ever get around to colouring.

Print out the free to colour pages you find online and you will then find an artist you like and can follow.  Just Google it, there are plenty out there.

Join a Colouring Book Facebook page to learn and get support. There are literally dozens!  If you end up joining one that’s too intense, just find another.  Many of them are just trying to sell you something but there are lots more that are genuinely just trying to help and you will learn a whole load of tips and technique.

Another great source of help is YouTube.  Just search for colouring tutorials – there are thousands.

Look for local colouring groups at your local library or art club.  You might be lucky and find one.  If not why not start your own.  I am helping start one in my area with the Library in my town. I can’t wait to meet other colouring book addicts!

Finally, just have fun and colour outside the lines, it really is OK.

Happy Colouring