Create Five Fun Backgrounds with MONO Edge Highlighters

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Good morning y’all!  Beth from @creativelybeth here on the blog today to share how to create five fun backgrounds with the brand new Tombow MONO Edge Highlighters!

The new MONO Edge Highlighters are dual-tip highlighters that feature fast-drying ink. They have a broad chisel tip (3.8mm) on one end and an extra-fine bullet tip (0.8mm) on the other. The chisel tip features a unique design with a protective plastic sleeve that helps maintain the shape of the tips even when using metal rulers or stencils.

The unique, vibrant colors are perfect for color-coding and decorating planners, journals, notebooks and study guides. The fine tip works great for underlining text and writing margin notes. Fast drying ink doesn’t smear when highlighted over pencil or ink and doesn’t bleed through most papers. They come in a 6-pack and the colors are Golden Yellow, Pink, Yellow Green, Sky Blue, Red, and Purple.

Here’s what you will need: Tombow MONO Edge Highlighers Tombow MONO J Drawing Pencil – 2H grade Tombow MONO Dust Catch Eraser Marker Paper Ruler Tombow Dual Brush Pen – N15 Black Tombow MONO Drawing Pen, 3 Pack – 01, 03 and 05 Tombow Fudenosuke, Brush Pen, Twin Tip Black/Grey Here’s how to make it:

Before I start on a finished project, I always like to make a color chart and sketch out a bunch of ideas in my idea journal.  Here are two photos that show that process for me.

Fun Background One

Let’s start with circles! Draw circles in rows with the chisel tip of the MONO Edge Highlighters. You can lay in some guidelines with the MONO J Drawing Pencil 2H and a ruler, but I prefer the imperfection. I made each line a different color, but you can mix it up to draw rows of random colored circles. Roughly outline each circle with MONO Drawing Pen 03. Neither my rows nor my circles are perfect, which is okay with me!

Fun Background Two

Next is a color blocked background. For this one I did measure, taking the length of the paper and dividing by six to obtain the width of each block. Then, using the broad edge of the chisel tip, fill in each block with stripes of color.

Sketch in the quote, then ink it in with Dual Brush Pen N15 Black, using the brush tip and the bullet tip. I use my Dual Brush Pens for all types of crafts, so I mark the ones I use for lettering with a piece of washi tape.

Fun Background Three

Stripes and watermelons are up in the number three spot! Start out with Pink triangles and add in the rind with Yellow Green using the chisel tip, then add Purple seeds with the extra fine bullet tip. Fill in with Blue stripes through the background. Add the quote and outline the watermelon with MONO Drawing Pen 01.

Fun Background Four

Up next is the starburst background! To divide the paper into six sections, measure the paper in half horizontally and then draw an X through the center. Color each section a different color, filling in with the chisel tip. Add a fun word or quote with Dual Brush Pen N15 Black.

Fun Background Five

Finally, there is the plaid background. I have to say that this was my favorite! I used a paper napkin from Easter as my inspiration. Incorporating all six of the colors, the chisel tips, and the extra fine bullet tips. Experiment and have fun!

Here is a close up of all five backgrounds:

I hope you have enjoyed how to create five fun backgrounds with MONO Edge Highlighters and you will use my projects as a jumping off point to showcase YOUR Tombow creativity!

Thanks for stopping by!

Creatively, Beth

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How to Draw Cascading Banner with Roses

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Don’t think you can draw a banner with roses? Think again! Hi, Marie Browning here to show you the steps to create a gorgeous cascading banner adorned with roses using Dual Brush Pens and the MONO Drawing Pen from Tombow. Anyone can be an artist when you follow the step-by-steps to this pretty banner; perfect for June Wedding cards, tags or journal pages!


@mariebcreates #dualbrushpens banner and roses materials

Materials Dual Brush Pen Palette: 243 Mint, 195 Light Green, 245 Sap Green, 703 Pink Rose and 815 Cherry Colorless Dual Brush Pen N00 MONO Drawing Pen 03

@mariebcreates #tombowusa step 1 cascading banner and roses @mariebcreates #flowerart step 2 cascading banner and roses @mariebcreates #tombow step 3 cascading banner and roses @mariebcreates #draw step 4 cascading banner and roses

Cascading Banner Steps You will need to know what you are writing in your cascading banner. I’m writing “happily ever after” so I will need three word boxes. With the 243 Mint Dual Brush Pen and using the brush tip, draw the word boxes. Push hard and use the side of the brush tip so you make a thick banner box. Don’t worry, these brush pens can take the pressure! Draw in the black boxes and tail ends using the same method and color. These back boxes and tail ends go between the word boxes in a zig-zag manner. The tail ends with two flicks of the brush pen to form the notched ends. With the MONO Drawing Pen, draw an outline around the word boxes. Continue tracing around the back boxes and tail ends with the Drawing Pen. How easy was that? The next steps will show you how to draw the roses! @mariebcreates #roses step 1 roses   @mariebcreates #drawing step 4 roses @mariebcreates #monodrawingpens step 5 roses Steps to Draw the Rose Accents With the 703 Pink Rose Dual Brush Pen, draw ovals for the rose blooms. Add the stems using the MONO Drawing Pen. It helps to place the leaves. With the 245 Sap Green Dual Brush Pen, add the calyx and side petals at the base of the rose blooms. Draw the round calyx using the fine tip of the brush pen. The side petals are just ‘dabbed’ lightly with the point of the brush tip to form the leaf shapes. With the 243 Mint Dual Brush Pen, use the brush tip and the ‘dabbing’ method to add the leaves. Use heavy pressure this time to make the leaves large. Use the Drawing Pen to outline the roses and leaves, add stems and the swirl in the rose bloom. I also like to add a series of curled dots to accent the roses. Finally, add a shadow under the swirl with the 815 Cherry Dual Brush Pen.

@mariebcreates finished banner and roses

Adding the Roses to the Cascading Banner

Here is the finished banner with the rose accents. The final touches start with adding shading to the back boxes and tails using the 195 Light Green Dual Brush Pen and the Colorless Blender. Leave the word boxes unshaded.  Add the roses using the above steps making sure the stems of the blossoms go behind the word boxes, but can go over the black boxes and tail ends. Finally, add your words to the word boxes using the Drawing Pen.

@mariebcreates happy birthday banner and roses @mariebcreates believe banner and roses enchanted evening banner and rose s

Here are three more Cascading Banner with Rose designs using the same methods stepped out in this blog! Try it, you will be surprises at how easy it is to draw! You can watch me make the roses on the Tombow Video Channel by clicking here (a bit different than what I showed here, but basically the same! The video also includes how to draw a rose bud!). Hope you try these easy Cascading Banners using the Dual Brush Pens!


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Dot Grid Journal- 9 Doodles to Include

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Dot Grid Journaling - 9 Doodles to Include by @thediyday for @tombowusa www.tombowusa.com

Hi friends, Renee with @thediyday here to share nine doodles to include in your dot grid journal layouts.  While creating these headers I wondered if I should call them doodles or line drawings.  Afterall, these are doodles because they are simply made but they are also line drawings because they consist mainly of straight lines.  Maybe I should call them doodle line drawings?  Anyway, it’s time to unleash your inner artist and start creating!


Supplies Notebook Tombow TwinTone Markers (bright) Olno Swift Mechanical Pencil Ruler


Dot Grid Journaling - 9 Doodles to Include by @thediyday for @tombowusa www.tombowusa.com


Step One

First, here is a step-by-step of each doodle.

Dot Grid Journal - 9 Doodles to Include by @thediyday for @tombowusa www.tombowusa.com

When creating these journal headers, make them in pencil first.  I am using a Tombow Olno Mechanical Pencil.  When I first started designing layouts in my dot grid journals, I’d try to save myself a few steps and create in marker.  What I quickly learned was erasing pen mistakes is not an easy task and correction tape was an eyesore.  I’d often consider ripping out the page, but I didn’t want bald spots in my journal.  So, I changed my process.  I create all doodles in pencil before going over them with markers.

Dot Grid Journaling - 9 Doodles to Include by @thediyday for @tombowusa www.tombowusa.com


Step Two

Second, these line drawings look great when using a ruler.  A straight line doodle appears strong (nix the ruler for a flowy and organic look).  Also, if you’re new to journaling, consider a notebook with dot grid sheets rather than plain sheets.  It makes lining up a ruler that much easier.

Dot Grid Journaling - 9 Doodles to Include by @thediyday for @tombowusa www.tombowusa.com


Step Three

When creating these line doodles, make your art vibrant and pop by using multiple pen colors.  The markers I am using for these doodles are the Tombow TwinTone Markers.  These markers are my favorites.  They are double-sided with a broad tip and an extra fine tip.  Also, they come in two sets, bright and pastel.

Dot Grid Journaling - 9 Doodles to Include by @thediyday for @tombowusa www.tombowusa.com

Step Four

Don’t be afraid to add details to the journal headers.  Dashes, Dots, checks, or adding a mix of thick and thin lines really make a difference within a doodle.

Dot Grid Journaling - 9 Doodles to Include by @thediyday for @tombowusa www.tombowusa.com

Dot Grid Journal - 9 Doodles to Include by @thediyday for @tombowusa www.tombowusa.com

I hope you’ve enjoyed these line doodles.  Which one(s) will you add to your dot grid journal?

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How to Draw Pretty Planner Patterns

Found this great post for you, have fun!! http://blog.tombowusa.com/2018/01/16/pretty-planner-patterns/

Hi! Jessica from BrownPaperBunny here. Can you believe we’re half way through January already?! It is definitely time to get organized, so pull out your 2018 planner and I’ll show you how to create pretty patterns to liven up the pages and make it easier to distinguish one week from the next.

How to make pretty planner patterns with Tombow


Supplies: Tombow TwinTone Marker Set, 12-Pack Pastel Tombow MONO Drawing Pen, 3-Pack Your favorite planner or bullet journal

I love the TwinTone Markers and MONO Drawing Pens because they don’t bleed through the super-thin pages of my planner, and by having the option to create a variety of line thicknesses you can add beautiful variation to your patterns!

How to add pretty patterns to your planner with Tombow

My planner has a fairly boring header section so that’s where I’m going to put my pattern on each page. You can do all of the pages at the start of the year, or do each one as you get to it. Either way the patterns will help you to quickly find the page you’re looking for and make each one different to the last.

Start by using the TwinTone Markers to create patterns out of simple shapes. If you’re stuck for pattern ideas, look around you. Household and office items make great pattern inspiration. Use the leaves on your fikas, the lipstick in your handbag, or even fruit from the kitchen!

How to make pretty planner patterns with Tombow

You can create some of the patterns in color, and some in black and white using just the MONO Drawing Pens. Try varying the shapes and lines by using the 01, 03, and 05 sized pens.

How to create pretty planner patterns with Tombow

Then, why not combine the two, laying down color with the TwinTone Markers, and adding detail and lines with the MONO Drawing Pens.

How to create pretty planner patterns with Tombow

Here’s a little flip through of some finished pages. We’d love to see your patterns, tag @TombowUSA and #tombow on social media so we can see!



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5 Tips to Keep Your Journal Organized

Found this great post for you, have fun!! http://blog.tombowusa.com/2018/01/19/5-tips-to-keep-your-journal-organized/

Good morning y’all!  Beth here to share 5 ways to keep your task journal organized in 2018.  Now, I’m not a planner girl, but I love to make lists, so task journaling is a no brainer for me!  I like to keep things quick and easy, but always colorful.  My Tombow supplies are a huge part of the list journal that I have created.

Organization Tip One:

Here is the way I keep my week organized. Write each day boldly in printed capital block letters with the brush tip of the Dual Brush Pen – numbers  025, 195, 373, 452, 603, 703 and 933 are my favorites!  Then, to create interest, letter each day of the week over top of the block letters with MONO Drawing Pen 05.  The space I leave under each heading depends on how many “to-do’s” I have for each day.  Sometimes it’s an entire page!


Organization Tip Two:

Recently I have been on a banner kick, so here are a few examples of how I set up my monthly lists in my journal.  Draw the banner shapes in with MONO Drawing Pens 01, 03 and 05 and then add some color with the bullet tip of a Dual Brush Pen (I used 025, 195, 373, 452, 603, 743 and 933).  I love holidays, so I like to add an icon that represents that month.


Organization Tip Three:

Now, lists don’t have to be dull and boring.  Create a group of images, like these frames, to contain individual lists of things to be done around the house.  Organize each frame to represent a different room in your home.  Add colors that coordinate with each room.  I sketch in the basic shapes with a MONO Drawing Pencil 2H, which is a harder grade pencil that produces a lighter line.  The fun part is creating the individual frame designs with MONO Drawing Pens 01, 03 and 05.  Then erase your pencil lines with the MONO Dust Catch Eraser, which is great on-the-go, because it catches all of the eraser residue!


Organizational Tip Four:

The REAL list maker will make a list to organize their lists.  I do this all of the time!  At the beginning of each month I make a master list (brain dump) of all the possible lists I will need for that month.  Organize them into categories, so they are easier to refer back to when needed.  I love the vivid colors of the TwinTone Bright set of markers and they won’t bleed through your journal pages.  I always use a contrasting color to highlight my tasks once complete.  The MONO Drawing Pens 01, 03 and 05 are perfect to make the lists.  I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the MONO Drawing Pens!  They have sturdy nibs that don’t fray and write very smoothly on any type of paper.


Organizational Tip Five:

Doodles are a fun way to jazz up your bullet or list journals.  They can set a mood, decorate a list header or track your progress.  Using the same doodles to highlight a specific task is a great visual reminder, like taking the dog to the vet or getting your hair cut!  Remember, these are doodles, not works of art, so quick and sketchy is best, using the MONO Drawing Pens 01, 03 and 05.  Accent your doodles with color from the TwinTone Bright and Pastel sets of markers.


I hope that you have enjoyed these 5 tips to keep your journal organized and that my tips inspire YOU to showcase your Tombow creativity!  Planners, BUJO or List Journals are all great ways to keep organized in 2018!

Check out more planner inspiration HERE from Dani, HERE from Lauren and HERE from Jennie.  Tag @tombowusa on social media with your organizational tips!

Thanks for stopping by!

Creatively, Beth

Tombow 2018 Design Team - Beth Watson

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5 Reasons to Discover Zentangle® this Year

Found this great post for you, have fun!! http://blog.tombowusa.com/2018/01/31/5-reasons-to-zentangle/

It’s Marie Browning here today, and in this post I will be inspiring you to tap into your creativity by giving you 5 reasons to Zentangle® in 2018. You can explore the reasons I recommend this easy-to-learn drawing method where you create beautiful small drawings with simple strokes. The materials are few for the traditional Zentangle® creations; but the possibilities are endless when you add color and different surfaces! You can learn all about Zentangle® from the Official Zentangle Website. 

Supplies Paper Tiles (3.5″ square pieces of high-quality paper, traditional surface) or good drawing paper MONO Drawing Pencils, my favorite degrees are 4H (for the strings), F, B and 2B
MONO Drawing Pens,all three sizes: 01, 03 and 05 For creating colored Zentangles®: Dual Brush Pens, TwinTone Markers, Blending Kit and Irojiten Colored Pencils

Five Reasons to Zentangle - Learn something new

1. Learn Something New

It’s time to re-discover your creativity! Zentangle® provides you with focus and a way to make your artistic dream become reality. You don’t need to know how to draw. You don’t need a lot of time. You don’t even need to worry about the outcome with this non-representational art form. You start making beautiful drawings from your very first one. The materials are simple MONO Drawing Pens and MONO Drawing Pencils.  Where to learn this fascinating art form? Chances are you have someone locally who teaches it! Look for your near-by CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) here!

@mariebcreates #zentangle #zenart Five Reasons to Zentangle - Create Art

2. Create Art

It doesn’t take long with this method to want to learn more. Soon your drawings will become bigger and with added color. YOU will be creating ART! You will want to mat and frame those gorgeous pieces you create! This underwater composition was taught at a Zentangle retreat on Vancouver Island. There are many such opportunities around the country for you to learn even more. Create this with MONO Drawing Pens, MONO Drawing Pencils, Dual Brush Pens, Irojiten Colored Pencils and the Blending Kit.

@mariebcreates #zentangleart #dualbrushpens #colorful Develop Skills

3. Develop your Skills

Develop the basic foundations of art through Zentangle®. Learn about lines and how to manipulate them to create drama and interest. Learn how to shade to create forms and shadows. Learn existing tangles (the patterns) and how to create your own. Learn about color and how to chose different color palettes to create beautiful harmonious artworks. All these skills can be learned and used with your favorite art form!

@mariebcreates #irojiten #monodrawingpens #tombowusa Start with classic Tangles

4. Mindfulness

This is probably the best reason to take up the Zentangle® method. Mindfulness. Learn to focus on creating each line as you draw complicated tangles without worrying about the outcome. Nothing is hard when you take it step-by-step. That’s why the founders of Zentangle®, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas like to say “Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.™” With just a pencil, a drawing pen, a piece of paper and a handful of collected tangles you can relax and ‘go into the zone’. Make sure to read the section on the Zentangle® site on “How did it start?”, it’s fascinating!

@mariebcreates #twintone #coloredpencil Resources to help you

5. Many Resources to Help you

There is a great world-wide community of Zentangle® and resources! From your local CZT to Facebook groups who willingly share their talents. Tombow’s Coloring Page Section of the website has Free Downloadable Zentangle® Inspired Pages for you to learn many different coloring techniques, many with how-to videos. My book, Time to Tangle with Colors, a Design Originals Publication, is one of the hundreds of beautiful books to learn anything and everything about tangling. Stop by my website www.mariebrowning.com to see my Zentangle® inspired blog posts. Have fun on your journey to learn this popular art form that EVERYONE can do! I’m sure I can think of many more than these 5 reasons, but maybe the main one is that you deserve to have fun with art!

Tombow 2018 Design Team - Marie Browning


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3 DIY Mini Valentine Card Ideas

Found this great post for you, have fun!! http://blog.tombowusa.com/2018/02/08/3-diy-mini-valentine-card-ideas/

Hello friends, it’s Smitha here with a new blog post! It’s the month of love and I have 3 quick DIY Mini Valentine Card ideas to share with you today and all of them using glue!

Smitha Katti Valentines

Material list: Tombow MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue Glitter Sequins Gold Foil Cardstock or premade cards


1. Create a Card Using Glitter + Glue

Glitter is one of those craft supplies that we all have a jar of at home. It might be a tiny jar, but it never gets empty. And I am always looking for ways to use some glitter in my crafting! Today I used the MONO Multi XL Liquid gGlue to draw a few tiny hearts within my colored heart. This glue comes with a really nice pen tip that allows for such intricate details. I also added a few dots to fill in my heart. Then I poured my glitter over and tapped the back of the card gently to remove the excess glitter. Simple and easy and it’s so much fun playing with glitter!

Smitha Katti Valentines glitter

2. Create a Card Using Sequins + Glue

If glitter is too messy for you, sequins are a great way to add that shine and sparkle to your card front. Simply add tiny dots of the MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue to fill in the heart shape and then lay the sequins on top. You really just need the tiniest amount of the glue, you don’t want the glue to squirt out from under the sequins. And this glue dries nicely and forms a great bond with the sequins! You can also use this same idea to glue down tiny gems, enamel dots, buttons etc instead of the sequins.

Smitha Katti Valentines sequins

3. Create a Card Using Gold Foil + Glue

This final technique is a favorite of mine! Using the pen tip of the MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue write down a word or initial onto your heart. Simply hold your glue as if it were a pen, apply even pressure and letter slowly. The pen tip makes it really easy to draw and doodle letters! We need the glue to be tacky to the touch before applying the foil. So let the glue dry for about an hour and come back and check to see if the glue is tacky but not dry. Then place a sheet of gold foil on top of the tacky letters and press down firmly. Burnish the foil onto the glue with your finger tips making sure to cover all the area nicely. Peel off the foil sheet to reveal a beautiful lettered word!! This is surely a craft that you will LOVE!

Smitha Katti Valentines foilingSo those were 3 of my ideas for making Mini Valentines. Why Mini you ask? I just feel these Valentines look cuter in the smaller size, that’s why! Let me know in the comments below if you agree or not!

Smitha Katti Valentines

Happy Crafting!


Tombow 2018 Design Team - Smitha Katti

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Valentine’s Day Heart Banner

Found this great post for you, have fun!! http://blog.tombowusa.com/2018/02/09/free-download-valentines-day-heart-banner/

Good morning y’all, Beth here and I have a free download to share with you today!  You know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I have created this fun Valentine’s Day Heart Banner to celebrate the big day!  Download it below and let your create coloring juices flow!

Supplies to Create a Valentine’s Day Heart Banner: Tombow MONO Drawing Pens 01, 03 and 05 Tombow MONO J Drawing Pencil 2H Tombow MONO Plastic Eraser – Black Tombow MONO Zero Eraser Tombow Dual Brush Pens – N15, 703, 723, 725, 743 and 815 Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive Heart Doodle DOWNLOAD Cricut BrightPad Bond Cardstock – 65lb. Scissors Ribbon Step One:

I sketched out a 6 1/4″ by 6″ heart with MONO J Drawing Pencil 2H grade on bond cardstock.  Then created layers and filled in with patterns.  Sketching with a harder grade pencil like a 2H is my preference because it creates lighter lines that are easier to erase.  The MONO Zero Eraser makes detailed erasing, in tight spaces a breeze.

Step Two:

Trim the sketch and tape it to a clean sheet of bond cardstock.  Using my Cricut BrightPad, I traced over the sketch with MONO Drawing Pens 01, 03 and 05.  I used all three tip sizes to create interest and depth in my doodled designs and patterns.

Here is the final doodled heart.  Be inspired to create your very own doodle heart OR download my doodle heart HERE.


Step Three

Now I like doodling, but the coloring is always more fun!  I used a combination of Dual Brush Pens 703, 723, 725, 743 and 815.  TIP: For coloring with Dual Brush Pens print on a laser printer or copy machine, so the design doesn’t bleed when coloring with Dual Brush Pens.  If you only have access to an inkjet printer, then colored pencils are the way to go.

Step Four

Instead of creating a banner with a single word, I used one of my favorite quotes from the Beatles, “Love is all you need.”  Use the brush tip of Dual Brush Pen N15 to create a bold, hand lettered design.  Placing one word on each heart.

Step Five

To create the banner, attach the Valentine’s Day Hearts to a 36″ length of ribbon using Tombow Xtreme Permanent Adhesive.  The Tombow Xtreme line of adhesives are five time stronger than traditional adhesives, making them the perfect choice for mixed media projects.

Print, color and create a Valentine’s Day Heart Banner using my free download.  Let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite Valentine’s Day quote is – GO!

More free downloads can be found on the Tombow blog – Lauren has lettering downloads available HERE, Marie has Zentangle downloads available HERE and Katie has postcard downloads available HERE.  ENJOY!

Thanks for stopping by!

Creatively, Beth

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How to Draw Pastel Snowflakes

Found this great post for you, have fun!! http://blog.tombowusa.com/2017/11/20/draw-pastel-snowflakes/

Hi everyone! It’s Phawnda Moore here today for a fun guest post to show you how to create snowflakes with Tombow’s new Pastel Dual Brush Pen 10-pack! Some of my favorite holiday memories were spent in the snowy woods. It’s so magical with lots of white and sparkle! Those times have been gentle and quiet, watching snowflakes drift down from the sky. I do believe snowflakes are kisses from heaven, don’t you?!

How to draw snowflakes with Tombow's Pastel Dual Brush Pen 10-pack

The Tombow Pastel Dual Brush Pen 10-pack reminded me of snowflakes – kinder, gentler and what the world needs right now. Although I use these markers often when I teach brush lettering in Sacramento, California, I decided to create something with the bullet tip for this project. I remembered a style of painting that used only tiny dots called Pointillism. It was developed by Georges Seurat (“Soo-RAH”) in the 19th century in Paris. He made secondary shades of color by putting the dots close to each other in an impressionistic style.

Let’s try his technique and create some beauty for the holidays.

Here are the supplies you’ll need: Tombow Pastel Dual Brush Pen 10-pack (we’ll use them all!) Tombow MONO Removable Adhesive White paper gift bags Nice quality drawing paper Snowflake images (you can trace them from clip art or use rubber stamps) A metallic ink pad for stamps (I prefer a champagne color, which is neither gold nor silver, a nice neutral) Washi tape is nice to add around your snowflake print Coordinating ribbon and tissue

Draw or stamp your images on drawing paper. For stamps, press firmly and hold as you count to 15 or 20. Color the snowflakes by adding dots in one of two ways – the yellows and greens in one area, and the pinks, blues, lavenders in another area, or multicolored all over.

You can see the results in my experiments below. As you use a color, place that Dual Brush Pen away from the pens you haven’t used so you can separate them.

How to draw snowflakes with Tombow's Pastel Dual Brush Pen 10-pack

The interesting thing is, the pastels become much brighter, somehow, when they are next to each other!

How to draw snowflakes with Tombow's Pastel Dual Brush Pen 10-pack

Here’s an example of the multicolor dots. The snowflakes are prettier with a little sparkle, using whatever you have on hand.

How to draw snowflakes with Tombow's Pastel Dual Brush Pen 10-pack

The snowflake below shows yellow, gold, green in the center and pink, blue, lavender on the outside. It looks like a stained glass window, doesn’t it?

How to draw snowflakes with Tombow's Pastel Dual Brush Pen 10-pack

Make color copies of the snowflakes for gift bags. Apply with adhesive. Carefully eye the center of a white gift bag and apply. It’s easier to brush letter the name with the snowflake in place. I might also make tags to match.

I added silver washi tape around the snowflake and voila! A beautiful beginning to a gentler season. May you make special memories this year!

How to draw snowflakes with Tombow's Pastel Dual Brush Pen 10-pack

About Phawnda:

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Halloween Doodles in 5 Easy Steps

Found this great post for you, have fun!! http://blog.tombowusa.com/2017/10/20/halloween-doodles-in-5-easy-steps/

Time for some adorable 5-step Halloween Doodles for your journals, accenting your lettering or for cards and tags. This coloring method uses Tombow’s wonderful new MONO Drawing Pens and TwinTone Markers!

5 step Halloween Doodles @mariebrowning #tombow #monodrawingpen #twintone

5 step Halloween Doodles @mariebrowning #tombow #monodrawingpen #twintone

Step 1: Sketch the Halloween Doodles

I chose a mix media paper for this step-out, but this method works on a wide variety of journal papers and cardstock. For the first step, use a 3H or 4H MONO Drawing Pencil to sketch out your doodle. Use a light touch when sketching to avoid denting your paper.

Step 2: Ink the Doodle

Using the MONO Drawing Pen 05, outline the doodles and any main parts with this thicker pen tip. Use the finer tips of the 03 and 01 MONO Drawing Pens for the details such as the eyes and loose threads. At this time, erase the pencil marks. I like to use the MONO Light Eraser or the medium sized MONO Eraser, white.

Step 3: Add TwinTone Color and blend

Add the TwinTone colors by adding a line of color in each part of the doodle. Keep the eyes white. I used colors from both the Bright TwinTone Set and the Pastel TwinTone Set. With a brush and water, blend the TwinTone colors. Be careful not to over blend – you may still see the original of color and that’s okay, it gives the doodle more interest.

Step 4: Add Details

With the extra fine tips of the TwinTone Markers, add more interest by adding details to your Halloween Doodles. Cobwebs, spiders and veins in the eyes are easy add ons to make your doodles extra creepy (Okay, sort of cute-creepy)! Ta da! You’re finished! Have some fun with this doodle and continue to scroll down for even more Halloween Doodles!

5 step Halloween Doodles @mariebrowning #tombow #monodrawingpen #twintone


Use your doodle to accent your lettering! Here I used the Fudenosuke Brush Pen to create my lettering, added the doodle and then used it for a caption on this super-cute photo of my grandson Ryder and Mummy Jessie!

more Halloween Doodles @mariebrowning #tombow #monodrawingpen #twintone

More Halloween Doodles!

Here are some more Halloween Doodles using the same method with the MONO Drawing Pens and TwinTone Markers! Have fun!

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The post Halloween Doodles in 5 Easy Steps appeared first on Tombow USA Blog.

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