colouring books

Colouring is great for those who have dementia because it is a very engrossing activity and stretches the mind.  Absolutely anyone can do it and you really don’t have to be good at drawing in order to reap the many benefits.  Some people find that it takes their mind away from all of their every day worries and it helps them to remain calm at the same time.  It can be a very useful activity if you struggle with dementia or even aggression and have been useful in channelling those negative feelings into something creative and more productive.

What’s even better is that it can also help you to remember things as results of a recent study have shown.  This study had someone read aloud names to a group who were doodling and this was repeated to a group of people doing nothing.  The amazing results showed that those who doodled remembered 29% more of the names read out than those that did nothing.  This study has proved that colouring or doodling is a great way for you to not only help with the symptoms of dementia, but can also help with memory improvement as well.

This really is a breakthrough, but colouring books aren’t just great for those who have dementia, because they are just as ideal for the elderly who are looking perhaps for a new hobby or something other than puzzles to stretch their brain cells.  Check out the Seniors Colouring Book Series which contain bigger patterns and thicker lines.  These books are also perfect for beginners, kids or anybody just wanting easier colouring.

colouring for dementiaOf course, we have a huge range of colouring books available and you will have no trouble finding the best books to make sure you get the results you need.  We sincerely hope you will be happy with your purchase and our colouring books are designed to give you the highest level of stimulation and enjoyment, so just pick up your pens and start colouring today.




Happy Colouring, Charlotte